01 Kaminari x Floral Kokoro: WOODS OSISI


WOOD OSISI HEAL natural botanical candle 



Let the harmony of the calming trio of premium heartwoods give you comfort and serenity. Relax into the scents of nature with deep, earthy notes and a touch of floral to remind you of the sweetness of life. Watch the silhouette of the Kent Beauty and Makhmali flowers flicker against the flame while your soul takes in some healing. Made of vegetable wax for safe burning, the candle is a beautiful collaboration by Kaminari and Floral Kokoro after months of research to bring you a fully artisan-made, nature-sourced candle that provides you and your loved ones inner peace and light.

Tea-rosy and smokey, Gaiac is a rare heartwood appreciated for skin-healing properties. We added in Cedar and Lavender, both are widely lauded for relieving tension and promoting sleep. Sandalwood’s earthy sweet notes will float you to relaxation. Binded together, the hearty woody scents are deep and restorative.

Every candle comes with its own grosgrain cotton bag for safekeeping.
Burning time for each candle can exceed more than 30 hours.
Size: 7.5cm diameter, 7.5cm height

"We wanted to bring together the comfort from the woods and serenity of flowers in a candle to heal and soothe."

- Vina, founder of Kaminari.

Our Botanical Candles are designed to only burn down the middle and should not set fire to botanicals on the outer wall if proper precautions are taken. However, varying environmental factors (room temperature, wind, burn time, cutting the wick too short/long) that affect the burn of a candle make it essential that the candle is attended to for the best results.

  • For the first burn, light candle for 3 hours, no less. Cool completely before relighting again. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time, especially not overnight. Never keep unattended.
  • For best results, do not burn for short periods of time, as this may cause the candle to tunnel excessively and leave a thick outer wall. We recommend burning candles for 3-4 hours each time.
  • If wick leans sideways, simply push back to center with an inflammable object.
  • Should the candle start melting too closely to the outer wall and feel slimy to the touch, extinguish immediately and allow to cool.
  • A burning candle should have a stable flame that does not flicker. If it does, the wick is too long. Trim to 0.8~1.0cm length. Always place a burning candle on a flat even surface with no wind and outside the reach of children and pets.
  • The top flowers can be removed for fire safety precaution. They can be easily taken off as the candle melts towards the edges.

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