For raising me up - Fresh flowers in baby bud vase




Thank you for enduring the pain of birth to bring me into this world. Thank you for raising me up so well, and bringing me up as best as you could. Thank you for where I am right now, where I have the opportunity to see the blue skies and smell the beautiful flowers.

This baby pottery bud vase is handmade and comes with a blue orchid flower, blue baby breaths, and a silver oats wheat plant for dramatic effect. The vase is tiny, hence baby-sized, the vase measures roughly 7cm x 7cm. We think it would look really cute atop Mum's vanity or desk, and she can definitely reuse the pottery vase for other flowers you'll pick for her in the future.


There are so many things to thank Mum for. She could be our biological mum or the mum that raised us. Mum cradles us into her arms. She's our resting place. Despite her nagging, we know it comes from love. Despite our frustrations, the older we get, the more we come to understand her. At the end of the day, she's our biggest hero and our biggest fan. We dedicate this collection to our Mother, our caretaker, our origin, our beginning, our home. Truly, home is where Mum is.

We wanted to make flowers centered around the different life stages as our gratitude towards Mum evolve. We hope you enjoy and appreciate Mum this Mother's Day and shower her with love and some flowers.

This arrangement is made of both fresh flowers and preserved flowers and comes in a baby-sized pottery bud vase. Both types of flowers fare better away from direct sunlight. As fresh flowers fade faster than preserved flowers, dispose of any dying flowers. You can also keep the preserved flowers on its own for a much longer time.

Baby Bud Vase with Flowers: 27cm (w) x 18cm (h)
Baby Bud Vase: 4cm x 4cm x 6cm (h)

As flowers are seasonally limited, not every flower in the photo will be available at the time of order. We promise to deliver the product with the same style and mood of each arrangement. Read here for more information.


Delivery is at $15 flat per location. Specific delivery timings are not applicable.

Same day delivery applies to orders confirmed before 12pm each day.

Daily deliveries are available between 11am - 5pm, Tuesday - Saturday. 

We do not delivery to the following places: MBS, Tuas, Changi Airport, Jurong Islands, Army camps, PSA ports.

Changes may be made up to 24 hours before actual delivery, free of charge. For any redelivery request, there will be an additional charge of $15.

We currently do not delivery or do pick up on Sundays and Mondays. 


You may collect your order at our studio at 5 Jalan Kilang, 02-04, Singapore 159405. We are opened between 12pm - 6pm, Tuesday-Saturday. Kindly inform us at +65 91118787 for any last minute changes in self-collection timings. 


We do not accept any cancellation of order after the payment is verified. However, if you would like to postpone the delivery of your order, please contact us 2 full working days in advance of the original delivery date.


We do not accept returns and/or exchanges unless we have sent the wrong item to you. For any discrepancies in quality or order, please contact us immediately for resolution. Floral Kokoro reserves the right to cancel, refund or exchange any order at its sole discretion.

Every design from us goes through The Kokoro Eye (for design). Our promise is that we will always delivery quality, style, and mood of the arrangement based on your choice.

Sometimes colors or types of flowers are not available because of the unpredictable supply of flowers being imported from all over the world. Sometimes, the seasonality of flowers will affect the quality and size of the flowers. In those cases, we prefer to replace the original flower with another type of a better quality. For example, if peonies are in season, they are gorgeous and in full bloom. However, when they are not in season they are half their usual size and not in great shape. When this happens we prefer to not use peonies entirely, and replace the flower with something of a higher quality.

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