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creating an inimitable affair

A wedding under a 1200-year-old Camphor Tree at Amanyangyun.

The theme is 花好月圆 which translates to a night with blooming flowers and a bright full moon, meaning all is good, beautiful, and well. This Chinese idiom is wished upon on newlyweds. On a more personal level, the bride loves flowers and was proposed to under a bright moon in Naoshima, Japan. Everything was kept to a natural palate of rice white, jade green, imperial green, natural wood. 

home sweet home

home weddings

Intimate, private, close to your heart. It’s doesn’t get more personal than this.

We transform your home and feature your cherished objects to make the day more meaningful and special to you.

the new normal


Met with an unexpected change in policy, the couple decided to turn their 10-person home solemnization to a ceremony luncheon at Open Farm Community for 50.

And that was how we had to plan a wedding in 5 days.


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